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   not all contractors

   are created equal

Why Courtesy Home Improvements is Different.

NO long sales presentations (over 30 minutes).

NO high-pressure; pricing games(buy now and save).

NO Desperate sales people that make promises they can't deliver.

NO requiring both spouses be present for a FREE ESTIMATE.

NO long waits between purchase and installation.

NO add-on charges unless approved first by customer.


No one appreciates beautiful workmanship more than our owner and president, Ralph Continenza. From vinyl siding to a full kitchen remodel he knows and loves it all.


Ralph has 20 years of experience in the home remodeling business overseeing 6,000 jobs.  His knowledge and expertise along with his ability to comunicate with clients has resulted in thousands of satisfied customers. 

Our crews are skilled and professional craftsmen who have been working with us for years.  Our entire staff will treat you with honesty and respect.